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Moving On (for the most part...)

After much thought, I have decided to move my blogging over to my own personal site. I will still keep this account as there are several things I still like about LJ, however I won't be blogging here anymore. I will still be keeping up with my friends through Feedly however!! (Its a firefox added that tracks rss feeds.)
It's called "New Bangkok, Thai Bistro" and it's (obviously) a Thai restaurant. Why is it my favorite? Because I adore Thai food for one, and it is also the BEST Thai place I have ever been too. The portions are huge and well priced; the food is delicious too. Pad Thai is my favorite, but Pad Se-ew and Singapore Noodles are both very good as well. I could and would eat it every day if I had the money!
sI was watching Taboo today, a show about "taboo" subjects like how to raise a child or what is beautiful, and the topic for this episode was sex. It made me think about my last job and how one of my ex-coworkers found my "orientation" incredibly strange. He was doing the "typical" thing though and combining my sexual preferences, my affectionate preferences, and my relationship preferences. I was equally annoyed with the show which, of course, wanted to focus more on the "scandalous" things such as swingers who only do it for the sex (not all do, just saying that's what the show focused on).

It didn't so much get me thinking about my own preferences when it came to all this, as those I have known for ages, but it annoyed me that even a show which is supposed to be exploring how different cultures do different things is still very much closed-minded and sometimes portrays those different cultures as bad or wrong. In a world where we're trying to expand and accept, why do people still generalize and shun? I understand the whole straight people not liking homosexuals blah blah but there is this whole culture out there who claims to be so open about sex and relationships and even they can't "help" themselves.

I was recently looking at the website for an asexual organization and it claimed that if you have ever been aroused by another human being then you weren't asexual yet you can be aroused by anything else so long as it's not human.... what? This isn't really shun but it does go along with the whole generalizing issue. The site claims that asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction... umm that means no arousal for anything by those standards deary. People attack what they don't understand so I can accept the whole shunning issue (even though I fight against it) but why must people generalize to the point that they make their own stance completely unintelligent??

Let me explain something: asexuality doesn't mean you're not aroused by something (human, animal, color, letter of the alphabet, whatever), it just means you have a lack of interest in the act of sexual intercourse
, perhaps, aren't really aroused by much if anything. I just really hate people who generalize and think everything falls under one big blanket and can be explained in one sentence... I equally hate people who categorize things to death as well so we need to find the happy medium. My sexual preferences are NOT the same as my affection preference and nether of those are the same as my relationship preferences. I am an asexual pan-ployromantic polyamorist. Yes, it's longer and harder to say than "I'm bisexual", which is what people who think there are only three types of "orientations" would call me, but I like it that way because it covers all three types of personal interaction rather then trying to group them all together and it describes me very well rather than having to go back and try to pick apart "bisexuality" and redefine it over and over again.

What it means: Asexual - I have a lack of interest in all sexual acts, I honestly think of it often as a waste of time (I know, CRAZY ain't I?). I don't abstain from doing them and I do feel arousal for others, but I would much rather do something like cuddle up and watch a movie than have sex 90% of the time and can easily go a year or more without sex (to the "normal" person that would be "hard times" :P). This, of course, does not mean I have never had a meaningful sexual relationship or that I never enjoy myself during sex, I just don't think its the "best thing ever" like we're told it is; pan-ployromantic - I am attracted romantically (and because of this sort of sexually as well) to all genders (pan) [yes there are more than 2 in some cultures!] and can love more than one person at once (ploy); ployamorist - I have relationships (both romantic and sometimes physical) while more than one person at the same time (how these relationship connect depends on the people involved). Which of course brings me to my current relationship which is a singular one with my long, long, long term boyfriend Chris (over 10 years and still just with him cause he's special :D). I have my preferences but I also take into account my patterns thoughts and wishes. Chris wants a monogamous relationship and I am fine with that because I love him dearly. I still have feelings for other people, but I don't go out and have affairs or anything like that which is what someone people immediately think off when you say ploy- anything.

My point in all this jabbering is that people need to stop being so close minded about their supposedly open minded views. Stop shunning people who are different simply because they love people a different way. So long as everyone in that relationship is happy what the hell difference does it make? And while I have your minds on the subject, trying thinking about your own preferences outside the limits of the generalized "normal" views that link all three types of personal interactions together into only three "orientations." Sex, love, and relationships are so much more than that and I hope people wake up to that soon because all three are wonderful things and I hate to see people limit their potential with close mindedness. Go forth and explore!


These are some fun anagrams i came across and thought I would share!

Word - When you rearrange the letters

Dormitory - Dirty Room
The Morse Code - Here come Dots
Slot Machines - Cash Lost in 'em
Desperation - A Rope Ends It
Animosity - Is No Amity
Mother-in-law - Woman Hitler
Snooze Alarms - Alas! No More Z's
Alec Guinness - Genuine Class
Semolina - Is No Meal
The Public Art Galleries - Large Picture Halls, I Bet
A Decimal Point - I'm a Dot in Place
The Earthquakes - That Queer Shake
Eleven plus two - Twelve plus one
Contradiction - Accord not in it
Astronomer - Moon Starer
Princess Diana - End Is A Car Spin
Slot Machines - Cash Lost in 'em
Year Two Thousand - A Year To Shut Down
President Clinton of the USA - To copulate he finds interns
Well it certainly wouldn't be a "historic" moment like the Kennedy assassination or anything like that. It would be more like just some random moment in medieval times to something. Not exactly sure of the era, preferable more during a time of peace though lol xD Victorian times might be interesting too... but that's the problem isn't it? It's so hard to pick just one era/time/moment considering all the things that have happened throughout history. How can you ask someone to pick over seeing this great event vs that great event if they are truly interested in both. I am a person who dislikes "favorites." I have never agreed with the idea that this or that thing had to be first and above this or that other thing. Why can't we all just like each thing for its own reasons; why do we have to "rate" things?

So I can't really answer this question in the specific manner in which it is intended to be but I am sure everyone can still understand my answer just fine. :P
What a silly question to think about... why the heck does it matter? lol Anyone can do the weather, they just have to know how to read instructions of a prompter :P

Law and Order: Ending my own era

I just finished watching every episode of the original Law and Order (1 season left on both CI and SVU). That's 20 seasons, 456 episodes plus a movie and extras. I know some of you might ask why or not even care but to me it was something I wanted to do and I feel accomplished finishing it so :P

It's strange now that it's over, having been around for all but 7 years of my life (the ones when I was a baby :P). But now it's time to move on to my next tv project: watching all the Looney Tunes cartoons. There are something like 1000 but their no where near as long as a L&O episode so it should take considerably less time lol

But of course that will have to wait until after I finish Farscape with Chris because he made me promise we would watch it once I got done with all of Law and Order. Not that I am complaining :D
My household doesn't work like most other household, meaning "family" households with kids and stuff like that. My household is pretty simple: a one bedroom apartment which holds my long-long-term boyfriend Chris, myself, and two cats just coming out of being kittens. We recycle as much as possible and don't stick to brand names and the usual "necessities" of life that most people do (like we use 1-ply toilet paper instead of the 2-ply ultra quilted crap most people buy because they are so afraid of getting near all that they have to use a giant, over-kill barrier :P).

That's a good thing too because I am the one who has to buy all the household/grocery stuff; Chris pays the bills for the utilities and the apartment. I don't make anywhere near as much money as he does and, even with couponing, I often live paycheck to paycheck. Before couponing I would spend anywhere from $150-200 for two weeks worth of groceries and that wasn't a lot of groceries either even with the simple, non-name brand stuff we buy. I would often be buying the real necessities like milk and toothpaste and then only have a small bit left over for other things. It was hard and I know a lot of people in my area struggle with the same issue. Which is why I am so happy I took up couponing! I have even gotten my mother into it, she only does it small time though. She came over once and was like "you have enough shampoo for an army, I think you can stop now. Chris, you need to have a talk with her." And, bless him, Chris said "the grocery bills didn't change so I don't have a problem with it. Keeps us stocked." x3

Anyway, that's the issue isn't it? Stockpiling. Couponing is great for saving money and getting what you need for dirty cheap. However, in order to really be effective at it, you need to stockpile which means you need space. Obviously, a one bedroom apartment is not that big and so I had to get creative with storage. Well, not excessively because we got a little added bonus for being on the third floor (top floor) in our building. The first two hold all the water and electrical equipment for the building but there is nothing on the third floor so we get that little bit of extra space to use ourselves. It's not much, but it is big enough to fit two large storage racks that give me four big shelves to store stuff on!

Really just a little space like that can be so helpful. Even if you don't have a sweet bit of extra square footage like I do, those racks work wonders for storage and saving space. The shelves are really nice and big and, at four shelves high, you can fit a LOT of stuff on them. Sure, big storage shelves may not look nice in the living room (if that's the only place you have for them) but you could always get a really long piece of cloth to drape over the top shelve and put only the stuff you don't mind people seeing up there. Got to work with what you have right?

I also use the cupboards and such in the kitchen and bathroom to store things like toilet paper and dish soap (I try to keep some things in the rooms they will be used in, especially the major things like toilet paper!). While the storage racks mentioned about can help a great deal in keeping things organized, if you don't have space for them then there are ways to keep your cupboards organized too. Just like with a utensil holder, they make different sized storage containers for drawers as well as stands for inside cupboards, just look around the kitchen section at your locale store and be creative!

My point is, I hear a lot of people saying they would love to start couponing but 1) don't have the time and/or 2) don't have the space. I am not going to argue time right now (even though the internet makes it so easy!) but space shouldn't be an issue so long as you take a little bit when you first start and plan out what you want to do. When I first started, I already had the storage racks set up and they were easy to keep organized, but when it came to bulky things like paper towels and laundry detergent I had to think about it. And remember, you have to be weary of WHERE you place things too! I started out with my extra laundry detergent in the storage shed outside but I can't leave it in there with winter coming because it would freeze. Understand? Hot, cold, wet, dry... you have to think about that too.

Yes, planning out a storage system can be annoying (ask a friend to help!) but once you get it down things will run smoothly. And if you are planning to move sometime soon, that's a good thing to add to your list of things to look for: storage space and places you could set up storage. With me it was all touch and go for a little while because I had enough extra space with just the two of us to play around and see what worked best, but I eventually found a great system (which reminds me: those storage racks do have a max load per shelf and I like to rotate things from one shelf to another every so often just to even things out, just a thought).

So, storage is possible in small spaces no matter how many people you have running around. Not to mention that since your providing for those people a lot better with couponing, I don't think they will mind seeing a few things of mustard sitting around you know? And, a bit of hope, once I got into couponing and started saving a lot of money, I was able to buy some household items that were really nice and helped things out (like a new microwave stand that has closed storage, looks nice and holds a bunch of stuff). Starting out is always a bit tough, but it evened out for me in about 2-3 months to where I had everything in a good place where everyone in the house agreed and was able to pick up a few things that helped out with the extra money I was saving.

My household is a small, one-bedroom apartment but even with all the stuff I have packed away in here it looks very cozy and spacious. I know my household doesn't work the same as many other peoples, namely those with kids, but the thoughts and ideas are the same. Everyone wants to provide for their loved ones, it just takes a little thought and organization to really do it well with couponing. Truly, anyone can do it and if you have any trouble you can always ask for help!


Jobless and Lost

So... I officially don't have a job anymore. And before anyone asks, the place closed down so its not like I had a choice in the matter (gave us one day notice to the fucks...). I could have moved over to the other store but that one is farther away from my apartment and I already drive 30mins to work. Yes, I know, a job is a job. However, consider the following: I would have a much longer drive, I would still get paid the same amount, I would be worker less hours, I barely made enough to get by to begin with, and I could make much more money on unemployment while I look for a job that's closer (600 every two weeks compared to 300!). I am not the kind of person who likes this turn of events but there is not much I can do about it right this minute.

The up side is that now I can sleep in with my man and I will get to have his birthday off next weekend so yay for that :)


Scrapped Princess

I just finished watching this anime series (one that has been sitting on my 'to watch' list for a long while now) and I am really annoyed I didn't watch it sooner! It was an excellent series with a very intriguing message to it.


It revolves around whether or not humanity should be free to take care of itself, even if in doing so people may eventually (and probably will) destroy the whole species. I loved that they debated each side and showed how both sides had their own merit rather than just raising one side up above the other like they usually do. People always have to make it one side is good and one side is bad don't they?

Also, even with that bigger picture going on, it focuses a lot on a religious vs free will angle too. How Shannon learns that he is somewhat programed to protect his sister and then still comes to trust Zefy is a great story arc. I also love how Chris goes from blindly following orders to making his own decisions (even if those decisions may destroy the world, he made them for himself... its a powerful sentiment.)

I was a bit surprised at the end though, when Pacifica meets up with her real brother, the Prince, and they just let him keep his weapons on him. ...this is a royal from the kingdom that is trying to kill you, you don't know him at all, and yet you're just going to take someone's word for it that he won't do anything? Mind you this person whose word you're taking has also tried to kill you on a few occasions even though he has seemingly had a change of heart now. ...It just seemed really out of character for both Shannon and Raquel. They made a big deal about how they had the strongest Guardian genes and yet they failed at such an obvious point of attack like that? I realize it's the end of the series but come on :P

Either way, it was still an above average anime to me because it showed what most would consider the "wrong side" (keeping humanity locked up thus limiting free will) in a favorable light and made a strong argument for doing so. I like shows that show that things aren't always black and white and that the things we believe to be "god given rights" aren't always as such or even good or the right thing for us. Its a thought provoking show and that's the kind of show I enjoy so this one is definitely going on my favorites list :)